10 things you need to know about Indonesia

  1. We have 17,508 islands that makes us the largest country in the world that consists of islands
  2. 15th largest country in the world in terms of territory – UK is no.80
  3. It is quite large that we have 3 different time zones. Saying that, because we are located on the equator, the sun goes up and down at approximately the same time everyday.
  4. It is located just between Australia and Singapore
  5. Jakarta, the capital, is a megapolitan with high-rise buildings with around 170 shopping centres/malls. Where, you can find most western fashion brands.
  6. We have at least 33 different languages in Indonesia, and they are not just different dialect!, i.e. I would not understand other Indonesian unless they are speaking Bahasa Indonesia to me. It is not even like French and Italian, or German and Dutch, where sometimes you can understand one another, as the words are similar. This is why Bahasa Indonesia as the national language is very useful.
  7. Bahasa Indonesia is written in alphabets A – Z, although we rarely use X, Z or Q in a word.
  8. We are very diverse, there are people living in apartments/flats, there are people who lives on trees and people living in traditional boat
  9. We love eating and trying different cuisines
  10. Despite what others have claimed,  amongst other things, is where Batik and Satay, or Sate as we call it, came from.

This list is based on FAQ that I received from people I first met. But hopefully this blog will tell  you a bit more about Indonesia and its wealth.