Collision Coffee aka Kopi Tubruk

Kopi Tubruk Pak De

Collision Coffee (not Coalition ) aka Kopi Tubruk šŸ˜€ is how before Starbucks came Indonesian drink their coffee. A traditional way.

I suddenly wanted to drink Kopi Tubruk the other day. Using the ground kopi my mother brought from Sulawesi.

When I was drinking this lovely aromatic coffee, I thought to myself how I hated my first sip of coffee, drinking out of Pak De’s (a neighbour) green marbled tin mug, the very gritty sand like taste to the coffee. What I didn’t know then was that I was probably drinking the very last part of Pak De’s coffee.

Then I thought.. surely we (Indonesian) have been drinking coffee for a very long time, surely I wasn’t the only one who thought it is awful to drink coffee like that, so why didn’t we invent any filter.

Did coffee come from Indonesia? If not did the country where it came from invented any sort of filter?

Maybe this is for my next update, or if you are that curious why don’t you just Google it? (^o^) To be continued…

How to make Kopi Tubruk

  • Get your ground coffee preferably Javan or Sumatran
  • Put your coffee in a mug, a table spoon or more
  • Boil water, you can use an electric kettle or over a stove..
  • Pour the boiling hot water straight onto the ground coffee.
  • Wait for 3 – 5 minutes until the coffee settles down on the bottom of your mug