Papaya, mangga, pisang, jambu – Indonesian Fruit

rambutan, durian, sawo, manggis, belimbing, pepaya, sirsak, pala, duku, jambu, salak, jackfruit, nangka, kedondong,

Indonesian Fruit

Pepaya, mangga, pisang, jambu, berasal dari pasar minggu, Disana banyak penjualnya
Dikota banyak pembelinya.

This is a children song, translated

Papaya, Mango, Banana, Jambu, from Pasar Minggu (a big market in the South of Jakarta), where there is lots of seller and in the city is where they buy these fruit.

When i found out that there is only 1 type of banana and mango here, I was shocked, specially the fact that they are European Legislated sizes. What? Seriously? Why?

I suppose I am used to having a lot of different fruit and different variety of each fruit. Although there was a time when me and my fellow countrymen (..and women) think that being able to eat Pear is the bees knees. Now, having  lived with only Pear, Apple, Orange, Banana, and other fruit that can be counted using one’s fingers, I can really appreciate that Indonesia has a lot of weird and wonderful fruit. Which I am planning to research on and bore you with. Here are a few that you can find in China town with a very expensive price tag (label) on.

  • Rambutan
  • Durian
  • Mangosteen
  • Papaya – not the really small and hard ones!
  • Starfruit

Others that are more difficult to come by are:

  • The rest of the mango and banana types
  • Different types of rambutan
  • Sirsak
  • Duku
  • Jambu air
  • Jambu biji (guava)
  • Jambu monyet (cashew fruit)
  • Salak
  • Nangka aka Jack Fruit
  • Kedondong
  • Sawo
  • Pala

I may have missed listing some of them, but we just have abundance of them. So much so we juice most of our fruit including Avocado. Yes that fruit that you can find only in some special salad, and cost £0.70/$90 cent. Avocado juice is widely available in Indonesia , with a bit of chocolate condensed milk, yumm. Not to say we don’t have pears and apples we do have them too. I love all these fruit.

Indonesian.. have I missed anything?

Others, have you got any fruit that you love but you can’t find in the country you are living in?