Weasels and Goats – the coffee lovers

Goat and Weasel went to a bar...

Following my post on Collision coffee,  so why haven’t Indonesian invented some kind of filter? did coffee come from Indonesia? where did come from? If not do they have a traditional filter in where it comes from?

So I did a bit of Googling. Here is what I found out:

  1. Coffee originated from Ethiopia
  2. Discovered by a herder where he noticed his goats were going mental or being slightly hyperactive after eating these red beans. Did you know that coffee beans are red? I didn’t
  3. In Ethiopia they did invent a filter, it is made by horse hair, that they put on the end of the coffee pot..ew.. I think I rather drink kopi tubruk
  4. In Ethiopia and many country they do dry fry the beans themselves in their own home, and grind it just before they brew it
  5. They have got coffee ceremony, drinking coffee and eating popcorn. Heh? popcorn? yup popcorn
  6. It came to Indonesia brought by the Dutch to avoid some kind of tax
  7. The most expensive coffee, coffee Luwak, is where this weasel like animal ate coffee and after fermenting in their body, they poo it out full beans
  8. Indonesian started drinking coffee Luwak because the Dutch back then didn’t allow the natives to take any or have any coffee from the plantation. So the Indonesians who was curious of what coffee tasted like, found that Luwak produced full beans, cleans the poo of, grinds, brew and drinks it
  9. Now sadly to produce this coffee, some people farm and cage the luwak, only feeding them minimal food. =(
  10. They are however researching on how to make the coffee ferment the way it does in Luwak’s body without using Luwak

Do you know anymore interesting facts about coffee?