Manggis – Mangosteen/ Queen’s Fruit

Manggis Illustrated

Manggis is one of my favourite fruits. I love the intense colour purple of the fruit. The fruit is juicy and sweet. One of the unique things about it is that you can tell how many segments inside the fruit from the number of bits on the bottom of the fruit. You would get 5 to 7 segments inside. The more segments inside the better, because that means that the segments are small that you can eat all  without worrying about chewing the seed.

Facts about Manggis (I didn’t know about):

  • It is originated from Indonesia
  • When it first legal in America, it sells for £11 each
  • It was served as a delicacy in US

After reading about Manggis, I learnt about Aril, a word describing is any specialized outgrowth from the attachment point of the seed  that covers or is attached to the seed.

Reviews on Manggis as a fruit

both sweet and somewhat tangy, and both juicy and fibrous. –

whose leathery maroon shell surrounds moist, fragrant, snow-white segments of ambrosial flesh – New York TImes

Its latin name is Garcinia mangostana

If my drawn illustration is not good enough, here is a picture of one I picked up from China Town.