# BatikDay

As someone who wears and own a lot of batik dresses, I have to say that every time I wear them I feel very proud. People who sees these dresses always have good words about them. I am glad UNESCO have confirmed that Batik is Indonesian. If you have not notice on my banner on the top of this blog, the illustrated me is wearing a batik dress and I dropped canting pronounced [ˌtʃanˈtiŋ] on the floor just above Kalimantan.

2 October is apparently Batik Day. I hope you are wearing one. I am going to. Few facts about batik:

  • Special occasion batik decorated with gold leaf or dust is known as prada (a Javanese word for gold) cloth. – Hold on, is this where the brand Prada comes from? hehehe just kidding.
  • Batik Tulis (using canting) because it requires skill and is very  time consuming are more expensive than printed batik (using stamp)
  • There are different types of batik, which can be identified through the motifs and colour used
  • Batik can be found in countries such as Thailand, China, Azerbaijan and some sub-saharan countries such as Ghana
  • Ghanaian traditional dresses are batik
  • Batik in sub-saharan countries were introduced by the Dutch who traveled from Indonesia

Other things about Batik, a few weeks a go I found this video on Youtube about a guy who wants to make Batik more interactive, check it out, its a cool idea but I am not sure about the execution.