Warning: Do not visit Helsinki on a Monday.. everything is closed! Or any city in the Baltic area for that matter.Moomin Helsinki

Here was my plan for Helsinki, to visit these places:
– Marrimeko
– Kiasma
– Design District
– Design Forum

We arrived on Monday at 9am, wanting to explore the city straight away. Everything was of course closed ! Honestly…

We walked around aimlessly trying to find anything that is open, when Marrimeko shop opened at 9.30 we went straight in. It is such a cool shop, I wanted to buy everything but all was very expensive. So I settled for a €15 desk 2013 Calendar. =P Mission 1 accomplished.

Then we went to the only open museum in town Design Museum. As most design museums they concentrate on Chairs! as much as I love good interior and product Design, I am getting bored of looking at chairs! I have been to a few design museums. Come on..surely there is more to design then good comfortable chairs..

We found both Kiasma and the Design District, which are obviously closed.

I was so annoyed that I had to go to a nice looking coffee and cake shop, that had strawberry bonanza on the window. Had a coffee and a cake for €18.. gasp…

Fully charged up, we went to this bookshop to try to find this Moomin book I always wanted. Which when i last looked on Amazon was not available and now it is. :/ anyway it is a good book. And another illustrated book about Helsinki.

We also managed to find the Design Forum, they do have great things in there which had astronomical prices.

A coincidental discovery was a very very tiny shop called SalaKauppa, I bought an interesting illustrated booklet about the craft industry of Helsinki.

Mmm.. this made it sound that I didn’t enjoy Helsinki, I did. In fact I want to come back but perhaps not on a monday!! Although my visit is incomplete I would recommend visiting all these places.