London Comic-Con October 2012

Growing up in Indonesia, was brilliant, we had so many culture that influenced us.  One of this culture is Japanese manga and animes. I am sure like many other South East Asian countries, everyone grew up in the 90’s reading a lot of manga comic books and watched a lot of anime. In Europe manga and anime came much later I think. I love my first manga Candy Candy, then Dragon Ball; watched Voltus V, Saint Seiya, Doraemon,many more.

Because of my obsession of manga and anime, I have been wanting to go to a Comic Covention so many times but seems to have always missed it by a week. This time I didn’t! Wohoo! I was so excited to have not missed it and be able to go to London Comic Con October 2012 last weekend. I mainly wanted to see the legendary Cosplay.

Didn’t really know what to expect except to see a lot of people wearing costume. And, did I see a lot of people wearing costume? Yes! definitely.

Although there were amazing costumes, I really love these guys who dressed up as Buu’s.  They were really nice guys, I asked two of them whether I can take a picture of them and they said ‘oh we have got another one of us, let me get him.’ They are really sweet.

Gohan Goku Videl and 3 Buus

Here are some elaborate costumes

Amazing Comic-con Costume1

Red Headed Lady

He Might be Conan

Cosplay 2

Next Candid Cosplay and Tips on how to go to Comic-con London.