Candid Cosplay (Comic-con London 2012 pt2)

Comic-con had a really friendly atmosphere to it. All the way there I saw lots of people in their costumes excited to go, it made me smile through out my journey. Some funny costumes, some DIY costumes, elaborate ones, unknown characters and characters you recognise straight away.

It was great that every time I asked someone whether I can take a picture of them, they say ‘ Yes sure’ and then they pose for me. Sometimes with effort they tidy up their costumes, or put their gloves on or take out their swords just for me to take a picture of them. I thought it was really nice of them. You can see some of the lovely people that posed for me in my previous post.

As fun as taking pictures of people posing, it was also fun to take candid photos of those unprepared. I think some can come out very funny.

3 Pikachus?

Three Pikachus

Pikachu carying pikachu with Goku. What is going on?

Pikachu and Goku

Storm Trooper having a chat with a member of Katsuki in the corner shop?

Storm Trooper and Katsuki

Ghostbuster – I can’t find the ghost!


I think this might be Yosie from Super Mario but I am not sure, I am also unsure who he is with.

Yosi and..

Super Mario and friends