I feel really bad for not updating this blog for 3 weeks. Niways I have not been really at home lately, I have been traveling rather a lot. First it was Edinburgh. As I have been to Edinburgh before and have done the touristy bit, I am just going to write a review on several places I have been, that I would suggest you to go and a list of places I want to try to go next time around. I didn’t bring my camera with me, so I am using other people’s great photo from the web.

Went to

  1. Scottish National Portrait GalleryVisiting the great hall alone is worth it. The collection is amazing too.Great Hall Scottish National Portrait Gallery by Jules on Flickr
  2. Victoria Street, Grassmarket – It is worth the climb, hehehe, because I came from Grassmarket it is a steep climb up. There are so many cool shops here, definitely worth a visit specially the Red Door Gallery – for good designed gifts and illustrations prints.Victoria Street Grassmarket
  3. Viva Mexico – Mexican Restaurant – I know it is weird, you are in Scotland, shouldn’t you be trying Haggis – the sheep heart, liver and lungs mince,  famous Scottish food or Neeps and tatties? Why are you eating Mexican? Well I have tried Haggis, and I liked it, in fact one of the nights I did eat chicken stuffed with Haggis. Heart, liver and lung is not such a big deal for an Indonesian. I can tell you lots of Indonesian food that contains these ingredients. But as I was bored with pub food, this was a good change, and if you see the restaurant you would be tempted yourself. It was warm and inviting, with lots of colourful decoration. The food is soo nice, I had the Sangria and the Camarones Chipotle, very nice indeed. Would thoroughly recommend it to anyone. The place was very busy though, even though it was a week night, so perhaps you need to book in advance.
    Viva Mexico -Mexican Restaurant in Edinburgh from  Marieislikeapavement on Flickr

On my list for next time:

  1. Obviously the above places armed with my camera 😀 , plus
  2. Grassmarket hotel – This hotel looked really cool every time I passed by, they have old keys hanging on the walls in their reception, it looked really rough and ready. When I checked out their Tripadvisor page, the rooms looked also cool.
    Grassmarket Hotel
  3. The Fruitmarket Gallery – This also looked cool, unfortunately every time I passed this gallery it was already closed.

Well, that is my list, have you been to Edinburgh? If you have, where would you recommend to go, beside the touristy places like the royal mile and the palace?

If you haven’t, you should, it such a nice city with lots to see. If nothing else, you should go just to see the Levitating Yoda, which I saw fleetingly and wondered for a week how did he do it??