Cool Indonesian Things 1 – Tulisan

So, I am going to go home next week. I really want to see Indonesia in a more appreciative eyes and look for cool things. I am therefore collecting a list of things to visit and to look at. Whilst looking around online obviously, first I thought, maybe, just maybe there are cool contemporary Indonesian designers and illustrator featured in my favourite blogs, so I typed in : Indonesia.

First on Design sponge, mostly it is about items of decoration that people have in their beautiful homes that comes from Indonesia, mostly from Bali. Then I found Tulisan (which means writing) on Design Sponge, who sent them lovely printed holdalls. Looking at their website made me want to buy all the prints, not that I can afford it. Such a  cool story, design and shop. Definitely going there.

Tulisan Shop

Oh and the story & illustration of The Secret Garden of Admiral Kasarung, how beautiful, I wish they produced a book, I would definitely buy it. I wish I am that talented. =(

Admiral Kasarung Secret Garden Poster

Have you got any ideas of cool places and product like this in Jakarta? If you do let me know. Cheers.