Sambal and Kecap – Chilly and Soya Sauce

When you go to a restaurant or other eating establishment in europe you are always supplied with salt and pepper. In indonesia however, you are supplied by the condiments that is sambal and kecap.

Sambal is chilly sauce. There are two types of sambals (I am not sure how to address the plural here), the sambal commonly found in Indonesian fast food restaurants or street stalls are factory made, orange in colour smooth ketchup-like substance comes in a bottle,with a popular brand name ABC; the sambal found in traditional indonesian restaurant, which is the sambal popular in some foreign countries are Sambal Ulek, these sambal are usually home made using pestle and mortar.

The former sambal, basically Indonesian eat with most things, fried chicken, mie baso, bread and corned beef etc.

Kecap (pronounced: Ketchup) is sweet soy sauce, this is a thicker substance than the usual mirin soy sauce. We use this to cook our famous fried rice Nasi Goreng, Satay and some of have this as a condiment with other side dishes.