Not on a Friday – Brunei

Illustration of Bandar SeriBegawan
Don’t visit Brunei on a Friday ! I should have known this, but as you may know by now, I always visit places at inappropriate times. This is due to them being a muslim country, where people go to mosque on Fridays, and things shuts usually at midday. Guess when I arrived?

Flying with Brunei air is the cheapest flight from Europe to Indonesia this time of year. Although after my experience flying with them I am really tempted to say I’d prefer to pay the difference next time. Anyway, that story is for another time. With two stops, one of the stops is Bandar Seri Begawan.

Knowing the stops is for 12 hours, I was excited, I thought I could have a proper look around in a capital city of a country I have never been.

So I went to see the famous attractions, that is 2 Mosques, 2 Museums and 1 water village. The Mosques were closed for viewing that day, there is not much to see in the museums and you can’t take any pictures inside.

To make a long story short there is not much to see or even do. But I did learn new things:

  • Brunei is really quiet
  • The welfare system in Brunei for Bruneian is amazing
  • school till university, and if you have good grades, you are even allowed to pick a university abroad and be paid to go study
  • In Brunei from fixing a minor wound to brain tumor surgery (even if you need a treatment abroad) Bruneian pays 1 Brunei Dollar aka Ringgit
  • The food are similar to Indonesian, they are just called differently
  • There no homeless people
  • Every family owns at least 2 cars
  • Schools were taught in English
  • If I were to ever go back to visit for a good length of time to Brunei, I would probably go to their national park and resort, which looks amazing.

    Have you been? where would you suggest people to go?