My Actual Activities in Jakarta 2012

Warung - Soe Hok Gie Quote

On my post prior to my visit home, I listed the things I wanted to do and visit when I go back. Guess how many on the list I actually did.

  • Meet my old friends –
  • Visit the following museums: Museum Nasional, Fatahillah, Textil, X Senirupa, X Museum Wayang & Museum Bank Indonesia X
  • Eat lots of food-
  • Make a photo trail of Jakarta X
  • Visit Jalan Surabaya X
  • Visit some galleries X
  • Visit Mangga dua/jatinegara to stock up X Although I didn’t go to these places to shop I did go twice to Mall Ambassador
  • Buy Indonesian books
  • Look for Indonesian illustrations/illustrators
  • Go to arts and creative events – as much as I could √ – I went to a concert and a photographic exhibition, I know that it is not much but that is as much as I could. =D
  • Might go to Bandung X, Bogor and Tasik X or even further a field like Balikpapan X

Meeting my old friends reminded me of my childhood of how I used to be fearless and very naughty.

Went on a Trans Jakarta trip to visit Museum Nasional, Fatahillah and Museum Wayang.

I had tons of food that is probably next on the indolistesia

I did lots of shopping, I shall draw or take a picture of my haul.

I shall do a review of all the books I bought in the next few blog updates, some of them are illustrated books.

Although I don’t have a new year’s resolution, I hope this long list of updates will be fulfilled.

* THE QUOTE above is from a published diary of  Soe Hok Gie a protestor and writer in the 60’s. Translation: And, to love Indonesia as a homeland can be build by closely understanding and knowing Indonesians. This as best as I can translate it, I am sure there is a better way to do it without ruining its meaning.