Bags, Cushion Cover and Prints – Tulisan Jakarta

From everything that I bought in Indonesia, these are my favourite things. They are so beautiful, from the print and design to the details of the packaging and finishing touches of each item.j I bought a Roro Mendut print, a Bawang Putih Bag and cushion cover, and Celosia Cristata cushion cover. See for your self. They are from Tulisan, I have mentioned them on my previous post.


I was so excited when I visited their shop, it is as nice as the pictures and as I thought it would be. The prints are all lovely, I regretted big time that I did not know of them before. There was so many of their product that I wanted and they don’t sell anymore. So I would suggest for those who have just found out about them and loves this sort of thing, go and buy it now. Their products are not mass-produced, which is brilliant, each of the bag has numbers on them, once it is gone it is gone. Although some part of me is sad because they are gone, most part of me thinks that this is such a good idea, collection only item. =D


Each of the item or print has its story or came from a story. The latest of their products came from two Indonesian Folklore, Bawang Merah & Bawang Putih and Roro Mendut. They give you a mini booklet when you buy a bag based on these stories.

Tulisan Product in My Home

I really can’t wait for their next production of stuff. I wouldn’t mind if they start considering home items such as mugs etc.