Nawilla by Reda Gaudiamo – Indonesian Book Review

Love this book. It is charming, well written and funny. It reminded me a bit of Astrid Lindgren’s – Six Bullerby Children , and Dorothy Edwards’ – My Naughty Little Sister. If I could write a book, I would write it this way. Each chapter is short and tells a beautiful story in Nawilla’s point of view, a girl of 5 or 6 years old. I also really like the illustration by Cecilia Hidayat.


An excerpt, I can definitely imagine it, as it reminds me of my childhood.



Ini pasti hari Minggu

Karena aku mencium bau nasi goreng

Dibuat Mak. Ada tomat, ada telur dadar

yang digulung lalu diiris tipis-tipis

ditaburkan diatas nasi.




This must be Sunday

Because I can smell Nasi Goreng

Made by Mum. There is tomato, there is omelet

which is rolled up and sliced thinly

then sprinkled on top of the rice/nasi.


Can you smell it? mmm…

I can’t wait to read the other books in the series. You can find the writer Reda Gaudiamo here