Baduy, Real Green Living – Indonesian Book Review

This book is a beautifully illustrated documentary of the life of Baduy People.  I think there should be a book like this for every traditional tribes in Indonesia.

Baduy, Real Green Living is illustrated by Agus Tomin.

Baduy Real Green Living Cover

The Baduy Tribe lives in west Java, they resist foreigners, modern influences and live in their ancient way of life.  Baduy Dalam (inner Baduy) is totally closed to other people. They speak Baduy, an archaic version of Sundanese language. Their religion Sunda Wiwitan is a combination of Hinduism and animisme. They are forbidden to do the following: kill, steal, lie, commit adultery, get drunk, eat food at night, wear flowers or perfumes, accept gold or silver, touch money, or cut their hair.


They have taboos such as growing padi field  (wet rice), use fertilizers, raise cash crops, use modern tools for working ladang soil, or keep large domestic animals.


The book draws their everyday live, ceremonies, tools and other cultural activities. They are currently still on sale in Indonesian Bookshop, but it might be limited as it has been published by a small publishing company. Highly recommended if you are interested in illustrating traditional society.
Inside pages of Baduy Real Green Living

The illustrator Agus Tomin is also on WordPress here.