Curug Cikoneng – Bogor

My brother said that a few years back he walked from home to this amazing waterfall near Bogor. I thought that is great, it must have not been to far away, so I asked him to show the way.

When we arrived there by car, we were charged Rp.25.000/person that is quite a lot considering going to a national museum cost Rp.5.000. My brother said that last time he didn’t have to pay, he just went there through some sawah (padi fields) and kebon (plantation). I was expecting to park faraway and to have to walk to the Curug (Chu – roog) Sundanese for waterfall, in Indonesian it is Air Terjun. Which is what this information said, but no, it was about 100 meters from the carpark.

Curuk Cikoneng

Curug Cikoneng

But when you turn around, this is how it looks like.

Curug Cikoneng

They have developed a swimming pool cheaply around the waterfall, dirty with slides. =(

On one hand I felt really disappointed but on the other, I can’t really blame people to want to earn some money. I think this is where a proper development considering the local environment would be better, to help the local to survive but also not to ruin the environment. What do you think?