Fruit Park – Taman Buah Mekarsari – Bogor

Square shaped melons, endangered fruit, and red durian; when told that these were on offer for me to see, I had to go. =D who wouldn’t?

You are probably aware from my previous posts, that I love fruit. They are one of the main things I miss living in Europe.

The journey there took a bit of time as you have got to go through towns (=heavy traffic) to get to the entrance. But it was ok, the entrance is reasonable for 264acre of land, each person pays Rp.15,000. Once you are in the premises, you can see the pasar buah  (fruit market) straight away, which had a display of a variety of different fruit. Including the square melon, they also had heart shaped melon.
square melon
You then need to go the information centre to book your tour around the park, which most people do. There are different tour packages, is allows you to go on a small bus that goes around the park, some packages even gives you a bag of fruit.

We decided we would walk or perhaps take the bicycle tour, as we thought the distance seems short, so it should not be a problem. Of course it wasn’t the best decision that we made. You can only take the bicycle in a limited area, and although the distance isn’t great, the heat was!

We did manage it though, we saw the administration building which has an amazing waterfall feature on the building.

Waterfall Building

We went through a maze. We saw most of the fruit plantation, starting from Melon to Salak.  I won’t bore you with all the pictures, I took lots and mostly just to support my study for my illustration.

Maze at the park

If you want to walk it like we did in a really hot day, bring a big bottle of water, pocari sweat (or other sports drink) and a small towel. =D There was no drink seller around the area as most people would go around in the park’s bus.

I would definitely go back next time I go to Bogor, to finish the park, as we only did 1/4 of it.


So this post should finalise my trip to Indonesia this time around. Next I will upload some of my sketches from the whole trip (not very many embarrassingly), I still have a few book reviews, and thoughts that came out of this visit. But really I need to do more illustration.