Oliver Jeffers – Inspirational Illustrator

Who here does not know Oliver Jeffers? or his work? If you don’t then read on. If you do, you can skip this blog update, as it will be boring. =D

Because I prefer reading children’s books rather than boring adult books, and my interest in illustration I always go to the children’s library to find new illustrated books. This is when I found – The Great Paper Caper, by Oliver Jeffers. The book is so funny, it made me want to read all his other books, after doing so, my favourite is still The Great Paper Caper. I like it because of the mystery its building up, the cute animals, simple drawing, and surprise ending. Here are some pictures.


he Great Paper Caper - Oliver Jeffers front page


My second favourite of his books would be STUCK. It is so funny, it is ridiculous but also plausible. It is the kind of thing I’d do to try solve problems, doing more things on it, or throwing things on it to make it even worse. =D Here are some pictures.


Stuck - by Oliver Jeffers

His other books are great too of course, but I would really recommend watching the animation version of Lost and Found. It is the sweetest animation ever. It gives the sound or the more precisely the silence that perhaps your imagination (if like mine) didn’t give you when you read the book. and it has the cutest penguin ever!

Anyway, I just watched a video of Oliver Jeffers that has inspired me to try to draw stories. I am going to try to draw Indonesian Folktales.

Other videos on Oliver Jeffers.