Timun Mas – Illustration Step 1 – 2

Step 1 – Inspiration

Several things inspired me to start this personal project of creating an illustration of Indonesian Folktale.

  • I have always loved folklore
  • I needed some theme for me to illustrated
  • In Indonesia I found almost no Indonesian folklore in books sold in the bookshop, when there are literary hundreds of them
  • I found copies of old books at home that I brought here
  • Tulisan, beautiful illustrated products made Indonesia folklore contemporary
  • So many on pinterest different and cool illustrations on european children story like Little red riding hood and Alice in Wonderland, check here for my collection
  • Simple poster, clever and recognisable designs for Ghibli’s films and some children’s stories also pushed me to think ” hmmm, if this Indonesian folklore was to have a simple poster what would it be like”

Step 2 – Research

I started with the story of Timun Mas aka Golden Cucumber. The story in some ways is like a combination of Thumbelina, Rumplestilskin and Jack and the bean stalk… hahaha ….(^~^) You will see what I mean when you read it. First things first! Research. Has someone drew it before? When I did a bit of DeviantArt search of other illustration I found something else about the story, that it seems to have different versions to it. Which I totally never paid that much attention to. Anyway that is for the next update – or you can google it yourself.

Found lots of illustration of Timun Mas, I have chosen the coolest here. But here are my top three. The first one I love because it uses quite a modern two tone colours and the details of it is brilliant! by Rhoald Marcellius

Timun Mas

Source: browse.deviantart.com via Indonesia in my pocket on Pinterest

The second one, details are beautiful! by catur ary candra saputra

Source: browse.deviantart.com via Indonesia in my pocket on Pinterest

The third one, I love the effects it is really nice, Indonesian yet very modern in some ways. This is by according to DeviantArt Daud Budi Surya Nugraha

They are very cool right? Well don’t expect mine to be anywhere near these talented people’s drawing. I would love to see these work printed as full story books, quality illustrations! I would definitely buy them. What do you think?