Timun Mas – Illustration Step 3

Step 3 – Decide the story.

There are different versions of Timun Mas story.

  1. First entry on google
  2. Wikipedia Version
  3. Indonesian Folklore blogspot

And there are a few more other versions. To recap the differences between the versions are:

  1. Her parents: a. a widow b. two old husband and wife farmer
  2. The age the giant ask for her: a. 8 and then with a lot of begging extended it to when she is 13 finally when she is 17; b. straight on 17
  3. How she came about: a. parents prayed for her when the giant overheard b. parents went to the giant and asked for it c. the parent found a sack of cucumber seeds in the forest that belongs to the giant
  4. Timun mas was given a gold doll when she was a toddler by the giant, and another version does not mention this doll
  5. the magic things that she took with her when she ran away are 3 of these things in a variety of combination of these : cucumber seed, chilli seed, bamboo seed, needles, salt

Here is a picture of a vintage story book I have.

Timun Mas Vintage Story Book Page

The summary of the story is:

Timun Mas parents wanted to have children and could not→They were then given cucumber seeds by a green giant→However the giant warned if a baby comes out from the cucumber they need to give the child back to the giant when it is of an age specified by the giant→ It turns out that a baby did came out out of one of the cucumber they grew, the only cucumber that is gold→The child was called Timun Mas/Golden Cucumber→She grew to be a beautiful person→ When this happens the giant came to the parents→The parents gave Timun Mas 3 sachets filled with magic items which are cucumber seed, needles and salt; and told her to run→She ran and the giant ran after her→When she was struggling she threw each of the magic items which turned out to be something that blocks/stops the giant→ In the end the giant died because of the last magic item she threw→Timun mas and the parent lived happily ever after.

My version of  the story

To be honest my illustration of Timun Mas is very much decided by what I can draw. (¬.¬) (*nervous laugh) But I am also inspired by Philip Pullman and Angela Carter, writers who writes fairytales in a different angle and interesting twist. Have you read any of them? Angela Carter’s Book of Fairy Tales and Fairy tales from the brother Grimms by Philip Pullman. At the moment I am reading I was a rat by Philip Pullman which is a funny turns of an event about the rat who was turned in to Cinderella’s page boy, never turning back to a rat.

So maybe I’m going to write the story differently, or maybe I should stick to what is already there.  You would just have to wait for my version, to read the whole story.