Timun Mas – Illustration Step 4

Step 4 – Sketches

Not sure whether it is a mistake but I thought of what would be the front cover or the poster for the story first. I thought Timun Mas running should be the main thing then I tried sketching a running girl. Yup you got it, I couldn’t. (@.@) It is hard to draw a running person by memory.

Here are my sketches running Timun Mas.

sketches of running

So I started downloading and printing images of running people. That was a really good move. I just try and try and try. I printed downloaded some cucumber plant & bamboo pictures. I think this really helps. It made me really appreciate those who can draw from their own imagination/memory, it must be amazing to be able to do that. Even with looking at pictures, my drawing still isn’t really great. On another note. I am still enjoying this.  By the way I think I have found my angle and story.