Cecillia Hidayat – Cool Indonesian Illustrator

Remember my review post on a book called Nawilla, the illustrator for the lovely book is Cecillia Hidayat. Her illustration is so sweet, I have been following her blog. It looks like Cecillia not only do book illustration but also graphic design and mural decoration. Her work can be found here and here

I do love these! Illustration she did for a new school called Sekolah Ibu Kelinci (Mother Rabbit’s School) How cute are these? I definitely want to go back to kindergarten, just to go to this school. I do want to know more about Cecillia.


Video with English Subtitle on Cecillia Hidayat. I so want that artwork! it is so cool

I found her twitter account but it is lock and it suggested for us not to follow. 🙂 hehehe this is funny.