Trip Planning – Seoul

The last couple of weeks I have been doing research – research – research for my next trip. So far there is too much that I want to see and do for the little time I have. 😦

I started by making a list of lists I should make. Yes that’s right a list of lists.

List of lists

I have booked my hotel in korea and my flights, and that is it. I have not done anything with my Sumatra plan. I still need to do the rest, I’m slightly panicking now. help help..!

This is my current plan so far, which we all know will inevitable change.

Seoul – Korea

  • Arriving in Seoul at 5pm – straight to hotel which I think is near Hongik University, Hondae, found out after booking the hotel that it might be a love hotel, eeks! oh well this is an adventure after all. I shall go check in and see Hondae at night, from what I read it seems that this part of the city opens till late, but maybe that is in the weekend. I shall find out.
  • 1st day – The morning – I plan to go to
  1. Deoksugung palace for the tour at 10.30/ changing of the guard at 11am (this is assuming I am going to be totally lost at the first two hours in the morning also I need some breakfast)
  2. Gyeongbokgung 경복궁 palace then walk to
  3. Bukchon Traditional Culture Centre – then walk up to
  4. probably lunch somewhere there or go to then back down to
  5. SEMA (Seoul Museum of Art) – I am thinking stay there until it closes I don’t really know. to see the Tim Burton exhibition
  6. Probably if I am still alive I would go to a mall or something
  • 2nd day –
  1. Hondae
  2. Insadong and Ssamziegil 쌈지길

So far this is what I have planned, I have another day and 1/2 to plan, I have a sneaky suspicion that my first day plan seems ambitious and that I probably misjudged distances. This maps makes it seems that they are close together.

Seoul Map

If you are laughing and are saying ” she must be joking!” it is not my fault, blame  Seoul website for making it looks like everything is so close together. TeeHee!

Well if you think that it is really ambitious let me know. But please bear in mind that I am used to walking quiet a distance so 15 minutes to 1/2 hour walk from one place to another doesn’t bother me. Specially when there is a lot to see to distract me.

Thank you to everyone that suggested things to do. Especially Jiwoo shi and Eyagee.

Still need to think about what to pack and wear in Korea, I don’t really like to travel heavy, usually just one back pack and a handbag, but I am assuming I am going to buy lots of cool stuff that I would need an extra luggage. Is it cold in Spring in korea? shall I bring a coat? argh so much to think about.

Next, a better idea on Sumatra and Kalimantan part of the trip, I am just too excited about Seoul that I forgot about the other exciting part of my journey.