Trip Planning – Sumatra

Ok, Sumatra. I am ashamedly admitting that I have never been to Sumatra. Yet, I  still thought I know all about it, because it is in Indonesia right? So I should know about it better than any foreigner. O, how I was wrong, totally wrong. (T.T)

I got so confused I needed to draw a map with all the potential things I want to do. It is not completed but here it is.



I think I am going to drive all the way to Medan, and drive back down to end my trip in Lampung Way Kambas, or may be the other around. I still haven’t decided. But what I have decided is that I want to visit each province do the following:

  1. Find out about its local fabric – such as songket etc
  2. Find out about local craft
  3. Eat local food – Looking forward to eating proper masakan PADANG
  4. Visit local main natural attraction