Rassi Narika – Cool Indonesian Writer

For so long I thought ” For a second language, my English is actually quite good” until I read Rassi Narika’s writing. I can honestly say that I feel so humbled by her writing, and she writes more beautifully than some English Copywriters I regularly work with.

Her writing doesn’t try to be clever, it is just clever. There is not a massive ego hidden in her words, not trying to show off. She doesn’t use superfluous words, but tells a story in a simple and beautiful way. I think she does it both in Indonesian and English, it is just amazing how one can be so talented. A true wordsmith.

Rassi Narika Stories

I learnt about her from Tulisan, she writes some of the stories that goes with each collection. She blogs for Tulisan and has her own blog here.

Maybe I just find writing so difficult that I am in such awe. But think about it, can you write so perfectly in your second language?

You can of course decide for yourself if I am exaggerating or am I right to say what I have said. Anyway if you don’t think the same as me, as the french would say “chacun à son goût” or in English ” Each to their own”

Quotes from her about me page:

… that put me in an identity search for the first half of life. Yet, even the present consist of endless search, this time, to simply encounter the other half of life. I have been learning that we’d find our ways through some only-God-knows-how process.

In the midst of a jumbled of different character that passes by in my life, I found myself in constant awe of how it distinctly varies, but never wish to understand it.

You can find a sample of  her re-telling of an Indonesian Folklore – Lutung Kasarung at Tulisan’s website. and a story – Mrs Picklenuts on her blog here.

Do you know of any other current non-self-indulging brilliant Indonesian Writer who writes in English?