Bali – Galungan Holiday

When asked, friends who has been living in Bali for many years, didn’t quite know what Galungan is about. They say the Balinese Hindu would say that it is a victorious day, over what? they didn’t specify, most likely over the evil spirit. All we know it is a traditional Hindu celebratory day and a holiday.

Sesajen or Offerings

I’ve booked my Bali trip to specificly see Ubud, I have not spend time there before except visiting the monkey forest. But if have read my blog you would know my luck, as it was Galungan everything was closed. I wanted to go and see artisans at work, but couldn’t so instead I got to see procession and everything is decorated with colourful cloth, more than usual offering and penjors/janur (a decorated pole made out of bamboo) was up in front of each houses.

If you want to know more about Galungan, here is the link to the wikipedia article.

Galungan Procession
Galungan Procession
Percussion man in procession

Girl in Galungan Procession

If you are wondering where my update about Seoul is, because there are a lt of pictures and a lot of things to mention, I am still working on it. It may happen when I get back in Europe mid April. Anyways see you soon, Happy Easter.