Tim Burton Exhibition – SEMA Seoul

A great exhibition! Love it. Spent 2 hours in the exhibition, there is not much pictures to share, you are not allowed to take picture of the inside. I think the exhibition is now closed. But I think it is a traveling exhibition from MOMA, so wait for it, it might be visiting a museum near you. Definitely worth a visit.

Here are the pictures I managed to take.

Gate Tim Burton Exhibition Seoul

Tim Burton Exhibition entrance1

Tim Burton Exhibition Signage Seoul

Tim Burton Mouth Entrance Seoul

Tim Burton Wall Decal, Seoul

Aren’t these illustrations cool!!! My favourite exhibition object is of course the carousel. Just Google it: Tim Burton Carousel. The room was so eerie, the song helped loads. Check out the official MOMA website for the song. I also watched the weirdest Hansel and Gretel played by Asian-American kids directed by Tim Burton.

There were loads of cool illustrations from when he started to draw, and send his stuff to local magazines. Of course my favourite of Burton’s Character, Beetlejuice! He is so awesome. I even dressed appropriately for my visit to the exhibition Black and white stripy top and red trousers.

Tim Burton Seoul Exhibition


I modified the last image so it is more dark and eerie, as it should be..! Beeeetle Juice, Beeeetle Juice, Beeetle Juice….