Cultural Seoul

Palace and Mountain

My first day route was to walk from this palace to Bukchon. Bukchon is cute, there is tourist information centre everywhere that could give you different maps, and there is signs saying “please be quiet, this is residential area”



Lantern in Bukchon

Korean furniture museum – now this is the interesting part of cultural side of Seoul visit. The museum is only open several days a week by appointment. I wanted to go after lunch so I can see the guard change at the palace, but they emailed me and said if I could go later on because there is another two English speaking people who is doing the tour.

Being 15 minutes late to the allocated time, the gates are fully shut, I wasn’t sure I could get in until a lady’s head popped out a cubby hole on the side of the gates asking whether I had booked a tour. I said yes, she gave me my ticket, I paid her, and the gate opened by a man from inside. The man then hurriedly ushered me through the front garden to the back where a lady with what I assumed to be their uniform which is a version of a black korean man top, smiled at me and welcomed me to the tour.

She took me and a guy who is from HK but I guessed that he is Korean too, cause his Korean was good, around. The houses and buildings looks really pretty and authentic. It is newly build replicating Korean traditional house complex. I didn’t take any pictures as according the website I couldn’t. Although at the end of the tour I found I could have took some pictures of the outside but not the inside. Eurgh! 😦

I’m sorry I don’t have any pictures of KOFUM.

Instead here is a videoclip of another one of my soundtrack for my travels in Seoul, it makes me smile every time I listen to it.

Anyway the tour was interesting because some bits of it where she showed us the house, but then she showed us a lot of cupboards and tables, which looks all the same, despite the different wood and ornaments that are on them. Also I find it slightly disappointing because when asked about how people would have used it etc, she didn’t know saying that she is not an expert on furniture. Which is fine but there is also no labels on the exhibition.

At the end of my visit, I asked where to walk to the subway station, they say just take a taxi is so far away. So I waited for a taxi, which never came. What was I thought the best customer service I have ever had was that they waited with  me, tried to call a taxi and when there is no a taxi, they had a member of staff driving me. Isn’t that amazing? How lovely are these people? Plus when I thought I was going to be brought to the nearest station, she didn’t she toook me all the way to my destination. I say 2 thumbs up for KOFUM for the pretty traditional korean house and for their excellent and warm customer service.

On one of the days I went to Bogeunsa temple near Coex Mall in Gangnam area. This a very pretty temple, lots of lantern, and the spring was showing up sweetly.

Bogeunsa temple painting




I think the contrast between colourful traditional temple and skyscraper is beautiful. What do you think?