Made in Korea

This last post on Korea everyone. Pfiuuh! I really want to start telling you about my trip in Indonesia before I forgot everything.

On my earlier post, I mentioned one of things I found really cool was the fact that everything there was made in Korea. People laugh when I say this, but what country have you been where most of the cool designed things are made in that country?

The first place I shopped in was design square in Hongdae. Here is the map of where it is. The building front looks a bit like a butterfly wing. Inside there were so many cool stuff, naturally I want to buy most of them. They had lamps and clock made of paper, bunny shaped lamps, multiple cellphone holders, ceramic mugs with clouds inside, etc etc, all of them made in Korea. I love this place. Unfortunately you are not allowed to take pictures inside.

Image 1: Building’s external. Image 2: a brooch, the paper airplane dangles loosely from Jupiter, it is so cute I can’t help buying it. From the same designer there were plenty of similar style jewelery and paper decoration (I bought quite a lot of these). Image 3 : Robot necklace, there were 3 of them, they are all so cute that it took me 15 mins to decide between them, I wish I could buy all of them but they are rather expensive for me. Image 4: Whale earphone winder for your mobile phone or tablet. It goes on your earphone plug, I had to buy one of these because you can see earphone plugs everywhere in Seoul. They seem to be selling buckets of these of every shape, love hearts, bunny ears, bunnies, snoopy, angry bird, you name it there is an earphone plug plug for it.

Design Square 1

Ssamziegil, everyone raved about this place as a place to shop for creative stuff. I must admit the space is cool but I didn’t find a great deal of things that I am interested in, there were more in design square. In ssamziegil there was a small shop with a few of designed things, the uglydoll shop and there is a small booth outside the permanent shops with these water-drop people, which I find most interesting.  According to their packages, the company is called Mintto. Their website here. The illustration are colourful and pretty, they sale jeweleries, postcards and bookmarks, each one are unique. The first four images are just of ssamziegil.


From top to bottom clockwise. Image 1: Brooch on a paper holder, Image 2:bookmarks, Image 3: Ugly doll shop; Image 4: Collection of postcards.


Next was the Saturday Hongdae Free Market. It starts at 12 mid day to 3pm I think. It is the park just beside Hongik University. I have marked it on my map. I arrived at 1pm it was absolutely packed with people. There are buskers performing, illustrators taking a unique portrait of you for a fee (img 2), and there were lots of cool illustrated items. They sell Jewellery, original artwork, and many other curiosities. I bought several earrings (img 4) & hand-painted hairbrush (img 3)


Apologies for the rubbish map, but it is pretty straight forward just go out at exit and straight on  (don’t be lured by the really busy way straight opposite) then the next left turn and carry on until you see the university, it is pretty much opposite for Hongdae Free Market every Saturday. They say if you are there not on a Saturday most things that are sold in the market would be sold in well made key if you see the right hand side on the map. I have only marked the places that I spoke about or most visited. But the area is just so full of interesting things, it is impossible to draw them all.

Hong Dae map

My favourite buy from the market is this felt earphone pouch with a dinosaur on it. It is so good, it solves my problem of earphone cords getting knotted and mangled but at the same time I don’t have to carefully wind it up. I can just shove them in the pouch.


dino earphone pouch


Jam studio, I stumbled across in one of the alleyway near the shopping area near Ehwa university. Isn’t it the cutest shop (img 2). I bought these two glasses/screen wipes, cool illustration right? And this mobile phone strap.

Jam Studio

Lots of blogs suggested to go to artbox for cute stuff so I did in Hongdae, although you can find lots of nice things, the place was so packed that I didn’t enjoy my experience very much. Maybe I should have not gone there on Sunday, which is perhaps their busiest time. I still bought a couple of stationery things like colourful pens, cable winders and post it notes.  Beside all this, I also bought some make-up because everyone said that as a girl your visit to Korea would not be complete unless you buy some make-up. I am not one for make-up stuff, but the brand Too Cool for School had this beautifully illustrated Dino range that I had to buy. 😦 so I did. Also I bought some cool abstract nail polish from The Face. To see the other things I bought visit my pinterest site pocketindonesia.

(~.~’) Finally I can start talking about Indonesia. It has been 2 months.