Bricklane – East London

As requested by this user is dead, I went to Bricklane last weekend. It has been a while since I have been there. If you are like me who prefers to visit places that aren’t too touristy, East of London is a cool place to be. If you are visiting London and have ticked all your touristy spots like Big Ben, London Bridge, Tower or London, Buckingham Palace and the rest, do try to go to this part of London.

Whilst Camden and Nottinghill are both cool areas too, unfortunately in the weekends they tend to get really busy and heaving with people, Spitalfield Market, the vintage shops and markets in Bricklane is great and pretty quiet in comparison.  Whilst Camden is slightly hippie, Nottinghill shabby chic, Bricklane has an industrial look to it . I would suggest going on Saturday morning to this route.

I would also recommend this route if you like arts, cultural and cool things. Spitalfield Market –  Old Truman Brewery – Boiler House Food Market for lunch – Bricklane – Whitechapel Gallery (free entrance) – walk a bit – Museum of London – Barbican.

I’ll upload a map when I am done. But you can always Google, Bricklane.

Here are some pictures I took that day.

Spitalfield Market

Spitalfield Market Front

Bread Lady at SpitalField Market

The Bread lady at SpitalField market, the bread looks so fresh and yummy. If you see the bread on the left bottom corner called Pain Grand which means literaly Big Bread, it was huge, possibly 1meter50. I just kept thinking, how big is the oven?

Cookie Man Spitalfield Market

These are stacks of huge cookies, they also look so good. But I had to be good and stop myself to buy these.

On the entrances of the market there is signage with old pictures of what the market  used to look like. Now it is more of vintage & handmade market. Few nice shops. Lots of choices of different food.

I ate this for brunch, waffle from around the corner and juice. They have an offer before 11am at the waffle place.

Entering Bricklane from the middle you would probably encounter this lady selling virgin pineapple cocktail.

Pineapple Lady Bricklane

Looks so much fun right?

Then you would see a sign saying The Tea Rooms, this is a vintage market, they have got a bit of tea room with random chairs at the back but mostly it is a vintage market. It is cool. Here is a picture of the inside which I took before I saw the sign saying NO PICTURE. oops.

The Tea Shops

Then the Old Truman Brewery, so it is an unused brewery turn into lots of shops and few market spaces.

There is a few cool shops including this record shop called Rough Trade, now when I say record shop, not just as in a name they use these days to describe a CD shop but they literally sell Records, old and new.

Rough Trade Record Shop

They also hold great music event, mostly indie ones. Inside they have photobox box (Indonesian used to be crazy about these, here not so much), you can take cool black and white photos in them.

photobox Rough Trade

Bricklane has so much graffiti here are some.

Grafitti of a blue man bricklane

Graffiti of two owls Bricklane

Black and White Graffiti Bricklane

I’d suggest having lunch at the boiler house food market but there are lots of food stall on your way there that smelled gorgeous too, specially the Indian and the Jamaican food stall. Yumm.

After lunch and looking at more shops walk down towards Whitechapel Gallery, before entering look up, it has lovely art installation on the front of the building of golden leaves.

You can’t really take pictures in most of the inside but here is a cool room where you can. It is again an kids room which is a participatory art installation.

Whitechapel Gallery Kids Room 1

Whitechapel Gallery draw on wall

You can then carry on walking to Museum of London to learn a bit about history and then go to the Barbican for some more art or even night performances.

Useful Website to find out more about this area and places

Have you been to these places? if you haven’t do go. I hope this is useful. If you have, let me know which is your favourite part of it.