Second Part of Journey to North Sumatra

Took the ferry for 1 hour back to mainland from Samosir Island, really pretty journey.

Ferry From Lake Toba North Sumatra

danautoba3  DanauTobaChurch danautoba2

On the way back to Medan we stopped at Pematang Siantar for a lovely cup of strong local coffee and Srikaya/Kaya toast in a very cool authentic Indonesian coffee establishment. Kaya (also means rich in Indonesian) is a jam/spread made out of coconut milk, eggs, pandan leaves and sugar, it is really sweet almost like fudge. Kaya spread on a toast is a great accompaniment of very strong bitter coffee.

Coffee Pematang Siantar Indonesia

The coffee is served in a espresso sized mug, I have never seen this before in Jakarta and Java they are served in a big mug or of course in the coffee shop a paper cup. I had another one of this near Padang – West Sumatra, so I am assuming this is how they drink Coffee in this part of Indonesia.

Coffee Maker Indonesia Pematang Siantar

Coffee maker.

Kaya Bread Maker Indonesia Pematang Siantar

Kaya Bread Maker.

Then on the road nearer to Medan, you can find road side stalls of Kaya and Lemang. Where you can eat the combination of Kaya spread with Lemang which is sticky rice that is cooked in a bamboo. They are yummy tooo!

Road Side stall selling lemang and Kaya Tebing  Tinggi near Medan Indonesia

Lemang and Kaya seller on the side roads of Tebing Tinggi Perfecture.

Lemang for Kaya Tebing Tinggi near Medan

Lemang: Sticky rice wrapped in leaves and cooked in bamboo.

A must try!! at Rp.10.000 for a box of lemang and Rp.5.000 for a small jar of Kaya, bargain.

After much eating we stopped at another traditional Batak village. Very pretty and quiet we are the only visitors.



Traditional Batak North Sumatra House

Next Medan and its glorious foodie culture.