North Sumatra Journey Part 3 – Medan

Kampung Madras

We arrived back in the afternoon in Medan, we had that evening’s dinner at Kampung Madras (old name: kampung Keling). Keling means black or dark complexion, so doesn’t seem to be an appropriate name anymore they change it to Madras. Kampung means village in Indonesian, the name Madras came from the fact that most people living there are from the Indian Sub continent.

Kampung Madras, Medan Sumatra Utara

Kampung Madras is a very popular food spot in Medan for a long while now, even since my parents were living in Medan in the 70s. You can find all sorts of curry, middle eastern to Indian food there. As we have been eating lots we just had a snack of Martabak Mesir ( Egyptian omellete) with curry dip and my drink was Avocado juice. Yumm.

Indonesian Omelette Medan, North Sumatra

The next day in Medan we visited one of the biggest vihara in Asia, which wasn’t that impressive to my eyes, then we went to Istana Maimun. Now this is cool.

Istana Maimun

Maimun Palace was built in 1888 by The Sultan of Deli – Makmun Al-Rasyid Perkasa Alamsyah. The palace was designed by a Dutch Architect, Theo van Erp. You may read in other sources on the internet that it was designed by an Italian, this is incorrect. In fact the Italian link is simply the architectural style is a combination of Italian, Arabic, and Malayan style.

Maimun Palace Balcony, Medan, North Sumatra

Maimun Palace Patterned Ceiling, Medan, North Sumatra, Indonesia

It is a rather grand yet modest palace, dominated by yellow and green paint. Inside there are pictures of the royal family of Deli. The descendant of the family still lives there but the prince (direct bloodline of the last ruling Sultan) lives in Padang with his Mother.

I can’t seem to remember whether  or not we had to pay or not to go in, but I am sure if we did it would not cost too much. You do have to take off you shoes to go in.

Maimun Palace Guardian, Medan, North Sumatra

There are a few of these interesting pictures of people who lived in the palace. I love old photos like this, don’t you?

A picture of old Indonesian Sultan Deli

We then have lunch in town.

Curry Noodle, Medan, North Sumatra

We had yummy curry noodle. What, curry noodle you say? Yes curry noodle.

Selat Panjang

Finally at night we went to eat at Selat Panjang which also a popular food place in Medan, only the ones in Selat Panjang are famous for its Chinese food. It was raining outside so didn’t take any good picture. But did take a picture of the Nasi Campur (direct translation:mixed rice, but really it is not mixed). It is essentially Hainan Chicken, egg, tofu, pickle and Chilly sauce, the rice was steamed in chicken stock. It is very good!

Hainan Rice Mix, Selat Panjang, Medan, North Sumatra

That is it for my Journey in North Sumatra. Next West Sumatra. Any comments or questions, or if you have other suggestions on what to do in Medan let us know on the comment below.