Lala Bohang – Cool Indonesian Illustrator

Indonesia haven’t really ran out of good illustrator, just me being really lazy. I have known about this Illustrator, Lala Bohang, for a while, but her latest update on her blog made me smile and wish I could read the story. Also I just love her name, Lala.

The girl with cardboard box head.

The girl with cardboard box head

The girl with cardboard box head

Here is an interview with subtitle with her

I love her representation of Kartini, an Indonesian Heroine minute 4:15.

It is interesting in this interview she had, she spoke about her style of work not having any colour, but acknowledges the possibility to have colours in the future. She has introduce colour on the girl with cardboard box. I look forward to her future work.

One of the things I am frustrated about my drawing is that I don’t really have a specific style, so her quoting Yuko Shimizu “your work doesn’t have to have style, so don’t force yourself to have one particular style”.

Brilliant! It just made me feel good about my drawings.