Colourful Highlights – London Design Festival


These are chosen to be highlights for me because they are colourful of course.

Clockwise from Top Left:

  1. Pens – These pens are designed to be easily clipable so it can be used as a file holder and book marks. They are by Mozi Studio in South Korea.
  2. Button hugs shaped like a flower – Because: It can make your boring buttons looks like flowers, nuff said. 🙂 She was selling it for £2.50/per 5 didn’t have cash though. By Zeup Design, South Korea.
  3. Bio Resin + Broken maple wood jewellery – it looks amazing, designed by Marcel Dunger, Denmark.
  4. Rullers – Because: of the colours?


  1. Polish design posters
  2. Second hand side table restored by Zoe Murphy Design
  3. Also by Zoe Murphy her brand says ” love what belongs to you”
  4. Chair was not displayed at thr tent London but at 19th Greek Street, by Nina Tolstrup the pattern is by David David who did the Carousel wall at the V&A

As it is design festival here is all the design chairs I saw.

chairs on chairs