Made from Paper – Tent Highlight – London Design Festival

made from paper


From the Vase Clock-wise – Why I choose these as highlights

  1. These are flat pack Vase cover produced by a dutch designer – Because: They were designed to be made from paper and comes flat pack for easy transportation because they came all the way from India. These duo are encouraging the village there through Fairtrade. Plus
  2. By the same person – because I love their hombre colour. By Pepe Heykoop
  3. Wallpaper they are not really from paper, they are made of fabric, but hand cut and mostly look like a work of art – Because: It just looks cool – By Seascape Curiosities
  4. Origami Wallpaper -they are all hand folded by this lady – Because it is Origami, I granted that perhaps you would want this if you have kids or people with grubby hands (like me). By Tracey Tubb
  5. Cloud upstanding lamp shade – On display there were five of these, they look brilliant just like a gathering of clouds.