Pempek, Pindang Patin, Palembang – South Sumatera

Let us finally reconvene with the March 2013 Indonesia travelling strories, shall we? (said the project manager in me) . Alright, alright, ( said the lazy me).

Last time we talked about North Sumatra, after that I went to visit Palembang in the night. What do one do if one only have several hours in Palembang? Obviously eat some Pempek/Mpek-Mpek. Mpek-mpek is a fish cake made from finely grinded fish and tapioca flour.

Anyway, my brother and I asked the beautiful stewardess where she would go to eat the best Mpek-mpek, she said the very popular restaurant called Candy. A funny name for a place tha only sells savoury food. But if you type on google Mpek Mpek, you would find this would be the 3rd most searched on the subject.

Candy, happens to have a branch just around the corner of our hotel! Brilliant.

So here they are. You can have a variety , long ones, small ones, you can also buy packages to take home. Local tourist obviously buy loads of these, whilst i was there people seems to buy 10 to 20 boxes of Mpek-Mpek to Jakarta.

Variety of Mpek Mpek

One of my not so little anymore brother’s favourite food is Mpek-Mpek Kapal Selam loosely translated as submarine fishcake. :D.This mpek mpek has eggs in the middle.

Here is the Kapal Selam.

Mpek Mpek Kapal Selam Candy

mpek-mpek is served with sliced cucumber and watery sauce (vinegar and sugar). They are so goood! I could eat tons of these. The funny thing is the sauce taste exactly like the one they use in this instant Korean Cold noodle.

At the same place we also tried another Palembang’s famous food, Pindang ikan patin (ikan:fish, Patin: iridescent shark, not actually a shark, latin- Pangasius sutchi), which was nice.

pindang ikan patin palembang

They also sell a lot Kerupuk, they are crisps in English or chips for American English, or more like prawn crackers but made out of fish instead of prawn.

Fish crackers or kerupuk palembang

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