Thessaloniki Greece

Upon arrival at the second biggest city of Greece, Thesalonikki, we took the really cheap bus to the town centre. The bus cost 2 euros. Great right?

The city seems rather small, that you could be tempted to call it a town. It maybe is the size of Brussels.

Armed with the collection of maps bought in Athens, we roamed the town went to the tiniest contemporary art gallery ever, and a photography gallery, which was alright for their sizes.

The main attraction in town is the white tower, which was a museum about the town full of intrepertation boards, some interactives and hardly any artefacts.

It gets really busy under the white tower on Saturday night, people promenading and sitting around.Quite pleasant.

We stopped by at this place near the white tower to have dessert. It was realy difficult to choose from all the ice cream and the cakes, I didn’t particularly like this cake, it had too much cream, it made me feel really full. The ice cream was good though.dessertthessaloniki

Here are some more pictures of town though.




We also went up the hill and saw the ancient city wall. But there is not much to see, Thesalonikki was alright, but it somehow lack of je ne sais quoi. Have you been there? Have I missed anything?