Bangka not Belitong

It is always Bangka and Belitong, even some Indonesian I spoke to didn’t know that these are separate islands.They are in one Bangka-Belitung Province, but different islands. Some say that Belitung is a lot nicer than Bangka.

Unfortunately I didn’t get to go Belitung because of the flight timing, you can’t just visit Bangka and Belitung in one day, you have to allow at least 3 days. Because the ferry between the two islands only goes once a day each way. The 4-hour journey, inconveniently leaves Bangka at 1pm and leaves Belitung at 7am. Just in case you want to know the prices of the tickets, they are Rp.162,000 – Economy class, Rp.182,000 – Executive, and Rp. 222,000 – VIP; plus Rp.5,000 passenger fee. Passenger fee? yups weird, another weird thing about the pricing is although only a little bit the price to go the other way is more expensive? So Belitung is on the list for next visit.


Bangka and Belitung got more popular in Indonesia in the last 5 years since a series of book called Laskar Pelangi followed by its film adaptation, came about. The book tells a story of a boy who grew up on the island of Belitung, goes to a school that is barely standing, but had a brilliant time and adventure because of the friends and the really good teacher he had. The first book is a really good perhaps I could say that it was one of a kind book at the time of its release, because of the story its telling. The film which was shot in Belitung shows a beautiful and unique landscape of the island.

Anyway, I saw Bangka, it was really pretty, the beaches are nice, some popular ones you have to pay to go in as it belongs to a resort of some sort. The unique part of the beaches is that they have these huge rocks jutting out from the ground. Not only we visited the popular beaches, we were also taken to an off beaten track beach by the taxi driver.


I can’t really tell you where it is as there was no clear landmark, all I saw the nearest to the beach was a Buddhist temple on a hill.

Then our taxi driver to us to another beach to have lunch on a boat shaped restaurant to eat some nice fish.


The best part of the meal was the Kangkung (water spinach) &. belacan (shrimp paste) and this
Soda Gembira

soda gembira

which is condensed milk + Strawberry Fanta, the combination is called Soda Gembira (happy soda). You can find this most places in Indonesia. It is so good! I have not find strawberry fanta anywhere else I have been. Does your country have it?

Hills of Bangka

Well that was it for a day in Bangka, Not very much to report really on Bangka, but really want to ho to belitung and stayed a couple of days.