100 followers & 1 year – Postcard for you


It was only a few updates ago I celebrated a year of me managing to keep a blog.I didn’t think that I would have 100 followers so close to the time. I promised myself if I get 100 followers there are two things that I want to do.

1. Challenge myself to do 1 week of once at least updates
2. Send a postcard to the 100th follower, also those who have been following me for 1 year and who post most comments on this blog. Cool illustrated ones or from where I am. This is of course if they want me to. I won’t be offended if you don’t.

No.2 is slightly weird, but I love buying and sending postcards. I have this weird competition with one of my relatives which is to send the most boring postcard from a place to each other. Do you like receiving or sending a postcard? let me know on the comments below.

Again, thank you for following, liking and commenting on my blog.