Tulus – Music on Monday

One of the brilliant things growing up in Indonesia is music. As a teenager in the mid 90s, we didn’t have very many hanging out places. Going to retaurants (cafes didn’t quite exist then) reserved only to go with your parents, as we can’t afford paying for it with our pocket money. Where do we go and what do we do when we hang out? we basically go to each others houses or hang around warung kopi (road side coffee places). Most boys knew how to play guitar and most of them learn by themselves, so we would sing and played guitar. Of course we have chats, eat and drink (no alcohol mind), but I remember a lot of singing.

Everyone I know loves singing and don’t hesitate to sing along, which was brilliant.
Indonesian music is as varied as the western music, we have traditional music and songs from different areas of the country as well as usual pop,rock, rap and so on.

I think because generally we love singing, Indonesian have good voices and are good at singing. The competition to become a singer is tough.

Moving on, I found this Indonesian Jazz singer earlier this year who I want to share with you, his name is Tulus (pronounciation:tooloose; meaning:sincere). He has a great voice. These are my favourite 2 songs of his ( I prefer the acoustic versions)


Tuan Nona Kesepian

Hasn’t he got a brilliant voice? The lyrics are also interesting they both tell a story.

Diorama – tells a story about the singer being part of diorama, being a statue unable to speak and unable to wipe the tears of his girlfriend, who is sitting in front of him.

Tuan Nona kesepian- translate to lonely gentleman and lady both doesn’t have any friends. The man is too shy to have any friend and the lady is a day dreamer living in her own world.

What do you think?