Indonesian Paper Toys – Faisal Azad – Creative Indonesian

A year ago I found the work of Faizal Azad on Salazad. He is into illustrating, designing and creating his own paper toys. The cool thing about his work is he creates paper toys of Indonesian characters, he even does the scenes of stories. What is even more brilliant about his work is that he shares some of the cut-out templates for free so that we can make it. Genius! I love it.

Here are some of the Indonesian characters you can make your own:

  • Si Unyil series – this is children puppet TV show was airing on Sunday morning in the 80’s, it was the only children entertainment when we had one single TV channel,Β  TVRI.
  • Timun Mas – this is really cool, it is from the story I wanted to write and illustrate
  • Ondel – Ondel – A Betawi (people native of Jakarta) traditional wooden costume that people wear nowadays on parades

Timun Mas Paper toy

And more…

Unfortunately he has taken off the one I found which is a paper scene of Indonesian traditional outdoor traveling cinema called : Layar Tancep. 😦 that was the most fun. Although I wasn’t sure that it was from him.

Check out his work on his website, there are details of how you can follow him on there. If you are in Indonesia buy his book/s, and have fun making the paper toys. πŸ˜€

*Sighs* I wish I am that clever.

That is day three of updating all week long, doing ok so far.