Balikpapan – Kalimantan (Borneo)

Visiting my friend who lives in the town was the reason of my travel. So that is what I did. This part of Indonesia is a centre of coal mining industry, according to my friend, beside that, there is not much happening. I still however managed to do a few things, they were:

1. Eat – Yummy Crab at DanditoCrab at Dandito Balikpapan Kalimantan

2. Visit a beach

Then my friend took me to the beach, I am not sure what it is called, it was a gloomy day, warm but gloomy.

Fisherman on Kalimantan Beach

3. Visit Mulawarman Kutai Negara museum

Set in an 1920s building, beautiful art deco. Unfortunately I haven’t really got a good picture for this, it was rather an old museum, what people think of traditional museum, where dioramas is the highlight.

4. Ate some Durian and ..

My friend was pleased to have me around because she has a friend to eat the fruit.Ā  She has not been able to do this despite the fact that you can find really cheap and good Durian in Kalimantan,Ā  her husband who despite being Indonesian doesn’t really like this fruit,

Row of Durian in Kalimantan

We sat around by the side of the road and river eating durian and this fruit that looks like a durian but not durian. It is called:

They have red spikes, smaller in size, darker colour meat, less smelly but also less yummy, quite bland.

Buah Lahung looks like durian

Today, I found this blog update about all the fruit that grows in Kalimantan, most of which I have never seen or tried. I am gutted that I didn’t trythem when I was there, so they are going on my list for my next visit. šŸ˜€

Then she took us to the only visitor attraction in the area

5. Visit a Crocodile Sanctuary

Well, it is called crocodile sanctuary, but I am not sure it will pass here (in Europe) as a sanctuary or any place to keep any animal. I think the animal protection charity would have shut it down.

Crocodile in Kalimantan

There were a lot of crocodile really small ones to massive ones about 8 to 9 metres.

My favourite part of my visit is this sign

Sign at Crocodile sanctuary

The English word say: Danger: Do not untidy your untidinessis at your own risk.

The Indonesian say: Kecerobohan merupakan resiko anda sendiri – which should translate directly to something like:Ā  Carelessness at your own risk. If it is what I think it is trying to say: For your own safety, please be careful.

This sign makes me feel like I want to put away my socks in the appropriate drawer,Ā  rather than watching myself not to accidentally putting my hands inside the pens.

That wraps up my update, I am sure there are more in the area to see and do, if you do know of these things, let me know. They will go on my list for my next trip.