Seroja – Friday Photo

Seroja -Lotus

Seroja is Indonesian for Lotus, did you know that Lotus is a different flower from water lilies? I didn’t know until my uncle told me. He also told me that Lotus has taller stem growing from the mud on the bottom of pond, whereas water lilies is floating.
Lotus seed pod

My uncle, Wikipedia,also said that Lotus seed has the amazing ability to revive after a long period of time. That people manage to germinate seeds that are 1,300 years old. Amazing right?

Another thing that I found out is that the name that Indonesian use : Seroja, comes from Sanskrit, Saraja, which means from the lake.

The flower always reminded me of the song called Seroja, which has been covered by many people in Indonesia and Malaysia.It was written by an Indonesian who came from Sumatra called Husein Bawafie in the 70s. It is a beautiful, simple yet difficult to sing correctly.

Seroja lyrics

The lyrics roughly translates to:
Let us arrange the Lotus
To decorate young girl’s hair
Don’t spoil her just because she is pretty, just slightly praise her
Why are you so pensieve, with your confused heart?
Don’t believe in romance, this is not the age of contemplation
Let us go and gather some flowers

Unfortunately I can’t find a good example of this song sang by an Indonesian that I like so I have to setle for our neighbouring country talented singer. Siti Nurhaliza.

What do think? Have you got an example of Indonesia singing this song well? I’d prefer it if it is almost acustic in style.