Thunder Panda – Cool Indonesian Illustrator

Robots! who doesn’t love them? I do, I especially love illustrations of robot. Remember my post about what I bought in Seoul, a little Robot necklace. Well in Indonesia I also discovered and subsequently bought this at the ARTE show.

Carlo Tshirt

A t-shirt with a cute baby robot thinking of conquering the world, I was so happy. Not that having an illustration of a robot is not enough, but I was quite pleased that it was all thoroughly made in Indonesia. Drawn by Eric Wirjanata an Indonesian Illustrator and Toy Maker, whose brand is Thunderpanda or sometime spacewanderrer. Cool right?

Since then I found out that the robot is called Carlo, I think. Eric have several videos on his youtube showing how to draw Carlo.

Thunderpanda has a bigger character than Carlo, Lemi the spacewanderrer. Which I think is almost as cute as Carlo. Eric seems to be taking Lemi everywhere he goes, on his foodblog makanbakmi. By the way the blog is good too, you might have to Google translate it for food review

Lemi and Bakmi

Don’t you think Lemi and Bakmi not only rhymes but also cute?

If you these characters are cool and want to have them, you can find t-shirt etc on Society6 account

He also makes plushies of Lemi

Would you choose Lemi or Carlo?

Day 6 of writing an update a day for a week. Going well so far.

Ps: I just realised that people might think this blog is trying to sell stuff to them. I can confirm content is not sponsored nor have I received any of the things mentioned for free. I have bought the t-shirt myself. I  am just proud of all the creatives that had come out of Indonesia and really want to support it. Also as mentioned in my previous post, if I travel to a country I would love to support the local creatives, and would want to know where to find them.