Lazy Sunday – How to be Indonesian Videos

The challenge was to post an update at least once a dayfor one week. I didn’t say that each post would have great amount of writing. 😀

But what do you think so far? Are the updates ok?

Just like the title of the post, Lazy Sunday, this post will be the laziest. A funny youtube channel that I have discovered, by Sacha Stevenson, videos on How to act Indonesian. I think it is quite funny really, I guess you have got to have been in the country or be Indonesian to get the jokes. I find it interesting to see how others see the culture. She obviously love Indonesia as she has been living there for a long time. Her Indonesian (language) is amazing. Indonesians, you may find some of it slightly exaggerated, but I think it is for comedy and satire purposes, rather than being offensive.

This is what I found most funny video, due to tips number 2 and 4, it is so true. There are more on her channel obviously.

Another one completely in Indonesian is, on tips number 1.

What do you think? Do you find it offensive or funny? Sacha has a blog here