Miffy Museum – Dick Bruna Huis, Utrecht

I took my 6 years old niece to the Dick Bruna House this week! She absolutely loved it! She said” Aunty that was amazing! Can we go again soon.” When I almost had to drag her out at 5 minutes before closing time.

I have been before, but wanted to see it again to look carefully at the illustrations, also wanted to take my niece out as she just got bunnies for pets.

For those who doesn’t know, Miffy is the main character of Dick Bruna illustration. A white rabbit with an x as its mouth or possibly its nose. Miffy’s original name is Nijntje (neigh-n-che) in Dutch. The name is possibly from konijntje which means bunny. Dick Bruna uses primary bright colours on his illustrations. They are always simple yet very striking.

The first thing we encountered was the golden Nijntje. Behind, very low to the ground, almost bunny height or maybe child height is a screen with ears. A video for my niece to watch.

Golden Miffy or Nijntje

I then strolled down the hall where pictures of Bruna’s drawing process is displayed. It was interesting, he uses clear films to try different colours.

Dick Bruna Process of Drawing wall

Dick Bruna is a prefectionist. Look at the way he draws on this video.

Then we encountered a room with very colourful doors and walls.

Colourful walls and doors

Then a room with a little house inside that children can dress up as miffy and play house, screens with miffy animation, and the models they used to produce the animation.

Miffy Models for the animation

We were very lucky at the time they had storytelling time, in a cool room full of Bruna’s children books, in different languages.

Storyteller in the storybook room at Dick Bruna House

Upstairs we found a whole room with more exiciting things for my little niece, she ran around weaving through the exhibition room so fast, I couldn’t catch her. Up the stairs, down the slide, in a den, the stairs, slide, when I finally found her she was sitting down quietly colouring a miffy in.

Miffy Seats

There we stayed until almost closing time.

Miffy looking through the hole

The tickets were € 11 for me and she goes in free. It is a combined ticket with the Centraal museum which is across the street to the house, where you would need to buy the tickets from.
Take the no. 2 bus from the train station, to go back it is the same bus stop. The museum website, here.

If you want to know more about Dick Bruna, here is a good article from the telegraph.