Tulisan bags types and illustrations review

There are some annoying things about having Indonesian mum, or maybe just my mum. For example she seems to constantly forget that I have been living independently away from her for more than 20 years; that when she visit my house, she still say goodnight by saying ” don’t forget to brush your teeth before going to bed” (o.O)

But one of the best thing is before she visits she always ask “What do you want me to bring”, so cheekly I said this time ” Tulisan bags please!” and she said “what about some krupuk?” ( krupuk are rice crackers). 😀

When she did bring me two, two! bags I was really happy. You probably know I am a big fan of Tulisan’s product. It looks like lots of you out there, are also interested in it, because my update on the Bawang Putih and the night sky beach  bag I bought last year is one of the most popular of all my posts.

My dear mother bought me a Librarian Tote bag (red letter) from the Admiral Kasarung collection and a Hobo bag (red rumor) from the Roro Mendut collection.
I thought I need to do a review and compare between the bags.

Librarian Tote in red Letter – Admiral Kasarung

Librarian Tote in red Letter - Admiral Kasarung- Tulisan

The only thing that I wasn’t expected on this bag was colour, online it looks maroon but on the actual thing it is pink, almost neon pink. Eventhough I like pink as a colour in general, I am unsure about the colour combination.

Admiral Kasarung Bag - close up

I love the bag because of its boxed shape you can see almost all the illustration story of the print, mimimum cuts on the fabric on a whole. The shape also helps it easier for me to manage the content and allow maximum tessellation. The bag is really sturdy , with a few handy pockets and Tulisan’s signature shiny hook clip.

Librarian tote inside - Tulisan, Jakarta

Hobo bag (red rumor) from the Roro Mendut collection

I love the colours on this, bright red and green almost like Christmas. The bag is of a good size, not big enough for a laptop but big enough for an Ipad. Unlike the librarian tote, the shape is slightly less flattering to the illustration, it works for this collection but I am not sure it would work for Bawang Putih or Admiral Kasarung.

Hobo bag (red rumor) from the Roro Mendut collection Tulisan

The bag only has one pocket, but it has a sling and smaller handle which is the best feature of the bag, because it allows flexibility of carrying the bag. Although it can be really annoying as it continously slid of my shoulder when I wear it.

Hobo bag sling - Roro Mendut - Tulisan

On both bags though, perhaps due to them being the second print run, I feel that it has lost something, maybe I really loved the fact that my Bawang Putih beach bag had printing numbers on it whereas these one didn’t. Oh, and I am very careless but travel loads, perhaps a bag with zips would help enhance the security.

Hobo bag inside - Roro Mendut - Tulisan
Beside this, I am still in love with the product.

The final verdict of the types of bag and illustration is: My favourite shape/type of bag so far is the librarian tote but I think in terms of illustration, Bawang Putih in yellow and black is still my favourite. So maybe when my kind mother visit again I’ll ask her for a librarian tote version of it.