Christmas Pudding

Happy Sunday everyone!

You know the song We wish you a merry Christmas? I am sure you know, everyone does. But did you know there is 2 extra verses to the song? Well I didn’t. Until the other week where for the first time ever I participated in Christmas Caroling (Singing Christmas song in a choir, moving from place/ home to another usually for charity). The second verse say: so bring us a figgy pudding and the third say : we wont go until we get some.

Now pudding in Indonesia is sweet dessert similar to jelly, some more like pannacotta and some just usual jelly, instead of gelatin we use agar which is a seaweed based powder. Here is an Indonesian puding recipe. In England, where I am assuming the word came from, it means generally sweet dessert. Except that there are suet pudding, black pudding, which are mostly savoury (salty). The figgy pudding mentioned in the merry christmas songs are the origin of English christmas pudding, a typical part of a traditional Christmas dinner.


There are different ways to cook them, generally it is a cake containing lots of fruit and soaked in Brandy, made in a round bowl. Steamed not baked. They say ideally you need at least 1 month where the pudding is soaked in Brandy, so some people make it 6 months before. Obviously as it is a staple of Christmas dinner, and most people do not have the time to make it, you can buy them in supermarkets. To help you decide which is best, one of the newspaper will have a review on the best pudding to buy.

Anyway, what do I think about the pudding?

Really sweet, some are just to sweet to eat. You can only have a small quantity, ideally with a lot of custard or ice cream just dumb down the sweetness. I know it sounds riddiculous having to dumb down sweetness with another sweet thing, we Indonesian love sweet things, but honestly you do with this pudding.

Here is a recipe if you want to attempt making one.

What pudding/ dessert do you have for your Christmas?

If You are taking a break in reading blogs during the holidays, I wish you a very Happy Christmas, a Merry New Year and a joyful holiday!